Rachel Zipsie

As a 30-year Revenue Operations professional, Rachel Zipsie has spent her career developing real-world solutions which enable individuals and businesses to grow and achieve their personal and professional goals.  Rachel's unique solution driven mindset created the Pause, Commit, Rise coaching strategy and has delivered exceptional results for her clients.

Rachel will work with any size business or individual who are honest, open minded and willing to start learning a new strategy to achieve their goals.

Schedule a 1:1 session and learn how to take a relentless positive mindset and find new and exciting ways to grow with Pause, Commit, Rise.

Our Founder

As 30-year professional developing solutions for businesses of all sizes, Rachel Zipsie has enabled individuals and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals.  She created the Pause, Commit, Rise coaching strategy and now offers these coaching solutions at Advanced Performance Solutions a revenue enablement company and advancedperformancecanine.com a community for K9 Athletes.

Rachel is a creative, solution-oriented leader with deep experience working with startups, small business owners, and multi-million-dollar organizations. Her expertise spans working within multiple layers of an organization, where she has extensive experience in developing transition and change management business operation strategy, processes, revenue generation, marketing, E-commerce management, SaaS solution development and implementation solutions.  

While developing and utilizing the Pause Commit Rise strategy, she began implementing the same strategy in her hobbies and other interests.  In doing so, she excelled in her personal athletic goals, coached various team sports to successful winning seasons, provided mentoring and training to athletes at all skill levels and continued her education in soft tissue studies associated with improving performance.

After completing ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification, Rachel continued her education in taping and massage. combined this experience it with Pause, Commit and Rise coaching strategy and prepared herself for one of her ultimate physical sporting challenges, becoming a World Champion Powerlifter. Rachel enjoyed achieving two Women's Master's Division Champion and achieved 7 WPC World Records and represented the United States WPC Women's team in Porto, Portugal in 2016.  

In 2019 Rachel completed her Canine Massage certification at Holistic Animal Studies and currently travels to canine sporting events and performs canine massage services on athletes and has an office in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Rachel founded The Odin’s Heart Foundation a non-profit organization which serves caregivers of rare genetic diseases and their families, where she currently serves as Board President.  

Currently, Rachel resides in Greenville, MI with her two chocolate labs Bailey and Rizzo and she continues to enjoy working with businesses and individuals achieve their goals.